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What’s the point of a .com

What’s the point of even having a dot com anymore? Sometimes I feel like I’m holding on to my personal site and my studio site because I’m too unsure to delete them. That, or I feel obligated to keep them around as if I owe them something for being part of my life for a significant enough amount of time. Who knows… I could easily accomplish all of the same functions that these dot coms make via other social portals (tumblr, twitter, soundcloud, and etc). So why not make the jump? Well, that’s the big question. I feel like each time I approach this situation I have an internal pros vs cons debate that ends in a tie. By the end of it all I just get frustrated with it and go about living my life. So long as my website doesn’t become an outdated relic like the old Space Jam website. That, or for whatever reason, the price of the domain and hosting become a financial annoyance. One of those would surely tip this venture into the ol’ void of obsolete.

Making Time for Input

My list of books to read has been growing at an alarming rate. It seems I keep adding more to the pile without knocking any of them out. I have my various reasons and excuses… Being tired, working late, watching tv, aimlessly browsing the internet… You know, the usual excuses that we make to validate short-term instant-gratification entertainment. Then again, I supposed I have some more valid excuses as well. Since Lauren and I opened the coffee shop, it’s been difficult to find the time to sit down and read novels, listen to records, and watch movies. They aren’t kidding when people say that your business will be your life for the first five years. I mean, we’re just now approaching our second year and I’m just now getting to the point that I can dust off some of these paperbacks and feed the grey matter. These days we’re both making a valiant effort to work in more personal time. After all, it’s good to incorporate some play with all of that work… Even if you have one of the coolest jobs on the planet.

Anyway, I’m pretty stoked to start on the new additions to the Dune universe! I’m starting with Hunters of Dune. I’m about 100 pages in and can already feel my imagination muscles flexing.

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Tooth Pain Insomnia


I haven’t had legit tooth pain in quite a while. I had forgotten how debilitating it can be. I have a rear molar that’s been causing me discomfort for quite a while now. The issue stems from a rogue raspberry seed that strategically positioned itself in such a way as to deliver a death blow resulting in a micro crack that causes pain whenever there is pressure or cold. I’ve gone to the dentist numerous times to try and remedy the issue. This last visit they installed a crown to see if it would help remedy the situation. No dice. I had the procedure done last Thursday and as of tonight it feels worse than it did before. So basically anytime I drink anything, it causes my entire jaw to ache. My tooth has a heartbeat. The pain makes it difficult to focus and is exhausting. I’m hoping to get into the dentist tomorrow to see if there’s anything else that can be done. If not, goodbye tooth. I’d rather it be gone than have to deal with this pain for another night. Besides, there are always implants if I ever miss it too much.

That’s all I’ve got for tonight. I was hoping to write some insightful posts on the coffee shop blog but I can’t focus. The only thing I can think about is getting this tooth out of my face. Now I’m just waiting on this ibuprofen to kick in so I can get some sleep.

Goodnight everyone!


A Very Chao Christmas (Goodbye old friend)

My old friend, Chao, passed away a few days ago and he will be missed. He is probably best known around Muncie for his restaurant/grocery/gift shop known as New York House.

New York House occupied the space that is now home to Savage’s Alehouse. It was not a classy establishment and was not a place for suits. Or maybe it was…? Chao was friendly to all. There was no menu, just a question. Vegetarian? A simple yes or no is all that you had to specify. If you happened to be a particularly picky eater, this wasn’t the place for you. You got what you got and what you got was something delicious and affordable. It became a go-to for a myriad of artists, musicians, and other like-minded (or not so like-minded) individuals looking for an affordable meal made with loving and skilled hands. The experience didn’t end with your meal being served, it was usually followed up with an old VHS movie and a few stories from Chao. Always a memorable experience.

A while back I put together a Christmas show and potluck at NY House and it was probably one of the best memories I have of the place. After I heard of Chao’s passing, I started digging through old hard drives in search of any and all pictures of the event. Below is a gallery of what I was able to find. I apologize for the shitty pictures. My wife is the photographer and yet I was snapping photos.

He will be missed. RIP Chao.

Homestyle Pour Overs


First thing’s first… This blog post is brought to you by the amazing cup of manually brewed coffee that I am currently consuming. It’s 4:30PM on a Sunday and this is the first cup of coffee that I’ve had today and it has completely lifted my spirits. It is truly the elixir of the gods. So I guess some of you might be wondering why I’m gushing over a cup of coffee.

One of the perks of owning a coffee shop is that my wife and I have a nearly unlimited access to amazing coffee and top-of-the-line brewing equipment while we’re at work. However, we are left to our own devices on Sundays because we close the shop so that our staff may enjoy time with friends, family, and loved ones. For the most part this is awesome because the majority of my time is spent at work. Really, it’s not as bad as it sounds. Spending the majority of your time at a coffee shop is pretty awesome. Anyway, let’s get back to the point of this blog post…

We’re stepping up our pour over coffee game on the home front! We recently added a bonavita variable temperature kettle and an acaia pearl scale to our kitchen. These two items, combined with my capresso burr grinder and bonmac pour over cone, have drastically improved our manual brew enjoyment! The only other thing missing from our manual brew setup is a decent hario container for batch brewing. This will be coming soon!




Incoming Ice Storm


There’s an ice storm on the horizon. Weather “experts” are predicting up to a 1/4″ of ice to accumulate overnight. It doesn’t sound like much, but even a little bit of ice and be treacherous. I’m pretty much capable of driving in anything that mother nature can throw at me. Years of working as a pizza delivery driver have trained me well. However, this weather is not to be taken lightly. We’re actually going to be opening the coffee shop at 8AM tomorrow to ensure that our employees are able to get to work safely.

If you have to drive, be careful. Watch out for idiots.