Musical Family Tree Sessions

Starting this month, I will be selecting bands to come into the studio to perform five original compositions to be recorded free of charge. I will be posting these recordings to the Musical Family Tree archive so that they may be enjoyed by all. Selected bands will also be subject to a photo shoot and interview session as part of the promotional package.

The overall goal, of course, is a cross promotional campaign that benefits everyone involved. Bands will be given a chance to utilize free studio time to record new material that will be shared with the thousands of people that visit Musical Family Tree every month. Musical Family Tree will benefit by having a steady stream of exclusive and new content to offer its viewers. The studio will benefit by the exposure that comes with performing such tasks. Everybody wins!

So why would I be willing to offer up my services free-of-charge to selected bands? I have been in bands and I know how hard it can be to get your name out there. I guess you could say that I’m attempting to pay it forward in a sense. I like to think that by trying to help everyone, it will create a better musical community and that my hard work will be enjoyed by countless ears. I am hoping to bring some well-deserved attention to some of the finest musical acts that Indiana has to offer. If you are interested in being considered for selection, please feel free to contact me through the website.


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