Random Rant: Recipes Are Kinda Like Songs

I’m two drags in and watching Chef Show on Netflix while my wife edits photos. She’s watching The Social Network on her phone in the background as she works. The animals are sprawled out all over the room. The loud hum of the shitty window a/c unit that we use to cool off our attic-turned-upstairs extra room is the only thing separating our sonic proximities via volume masking. Like Zoro!

I digress… That’s the situation. Now, here’s the thought… Being a musician, I can’t help but draw analogs between various things and music/recording. As I watch Jon and Roi work their way through their scheduled recipes, I can’t help but think of recipes as songs. Seems easy enough. Songs can be performed by the author, or covered by other artists. Those covers can be super accurate representations or wildly embellished. It just sort of clicks as a comparison.

Anyway, sorry to waste your time. I blame it on the mild headache that typically follows a period of eating all of the foods in excess that I usually avoid. This Easter weekend has put me in close proximity to various sweets and delicious carbohydrates. It’s got my keto all out of whack at the moment and I’m currently in day 2 of digging myself out. If you know what it’s like… you can sympathize. It’s all good though. It’s all self-inflicted. All things in moderation, including moderation.

That’s all I’ve got for now. I’ve got to get back to this group text involving a heated discussion centered around how shitty of a person Rose is in Titanic. Until next time.

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