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charging up

Dusting off and charging up all of my tiny camera equipment for some a/v experimentation during whatever bits of free time I’m able to squeeze out of my busy schedule. No real grandiose plans for these gadgets… My initial plan … Continue reading

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BSU: Video Interview

Here’s a couple of goofy short videos of Lauren and I doing our thing at The Caffeinery. Caffeinery Owners Create Ideal Space from Sara Dreibelbis on Vimeo.

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Analog Game System Symphony

My buddy, Sam, from Grad School turned me on to this video from WIRED.COM about a guy that created a symphony using computer parts and vintage/old video game consoles and computer parts. The composer’s name is James Houston. The piece demands respect … Continue reading

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YouTube introduction

I finish my first year of teaching a college-level introductory audio course at the end of this month and now I have this strange urge to add some educational type videos to my studio’s youtube page. Here’s to hoping I … Continue reading

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Video: Mikey Mason – My Next Girlfriend

Mikey Mason’s music video for his new single “My Next Girlfriend” has been uploaded to youtube. A number of scenes for this video were shot at my recording studio. Check it out.

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Woodlands Studio Video

I was going through my phone and realized that I took a video of the Woodlands session. Just thought I’d share it with everyone.

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