Cassette EP: Raw Materials

For as long as I have been recording I have been purchasing blank cassette tapes from Target. Today I bought the last case that they had in the store and it felt bittersweet. On one hand I am psyched that I was able to get them, but on the other hand I realize that I will have to order them from now on. I haven’t purchased cassettes for quite some time now so it all sort of worked out. I made the decision to release 10 cassette versions of my new EP and Target had exactly 10 cassettes.

I’m a bit bummed about these cassettes being “normal bias” instead of the “high bias” that I usually get, but this is all that they had. I’m sure I’ll get them to sound fabulous. Besides, most people will buy the cassette version for the nostalgia… I doubt many people will actually listen to the tape. If anything, they’ll put it on a shelf and then use the download code. I just wanted to reconnect with the way I used to record when I first started.