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Kickstarter Campaign for When, Not If

The good boys in When, Not If have started a kickstarter campaign to raise the necessary funds to record a full-length album here at Reber Recording! With your help, this will be the third album that I have had the pleasure of recording thanks to kickstarter funding. Take a quick moment to MFT#001 featuring When, Not If to check out what some of the new songs sound like when performed live. Now… Imagine how much more awesome they will sound when we get to take our sweet time going over all the details!

queUP Launch Party!

A good friend of mine has been working on developing a mobile app to help bar-goers interact with what DJs are playing in a somewhat democratic fashion. The Silo will be hosting their launch party tonight. There’s a cover to get in but if you have the queUP app installed on your phone, the cover is waived.

If you have a facebook account (who doesn’t these days) you can check out The Silo at

You can read the article that the Ball State Daily News ran on my friend, Alex, here.

Mikey Mason Unleashed

Mikey Mason

It’s been a while since I updated the ol’ studio blog and much has happened since my last post. Things have been seen, eaten, and experienced. Oh, and some work has been done as well. For instance, Mikey Mason’s album, “Impotent Nerd Rage” has been mixed and mastered and handed over! In fact, he’s already released the album online through his bandcamp site! Show him some love by listening… and if you want to throw in some extra affection, shell out some $$$.

What’s more, he’s already in the midst of shooting a music video for one of the singles! He’s a very ambitious guy and has a lot of plans for his new release. I enjoy his overall sense of enthusiasm and motivation.


I spent my early afternoon hours at the studio with Mikey Mason shooting some video for a song titled “My Next Girlfriend.” The image above is just a glimpse of what is to come.

Mikey has a CD Release Party scheduled for THIS SATURDAY (08/27/2011) at The Fickle Peach in Muncie, Indiana. If you’re a geek or a nerd and want to hear some music that’s directed towards your social situation… show up around 8PM.

The Bonesetters on

These guys spent 14-days recording here at Reber Recording in Muncie, Indiana. Sadly, the record label that was footing the bill (ahem.. Mossback Records) ended up crashing and burning in a horribly unpleasant mess of poverty and despair. However, like a magnificent phoenix, The Bonesetters are unshook. They are determined to find the necessary funds to get their album off of the studio shelf and into the ears of their fans. BUT THEY NEED YOUR HELP!!!! Please donate whatever money you can spare and help them to put out this record. They have worked really hard to make it sound as large and amazing as possible. They really really really really want you to hear it. I want you to hear it as well. So, let’s make it happen! Open up your digital wallets and make it rain!


Shredmageddon 2011


Shredmageddon 2011

Reber Recording has teamed up with Doc’s Music Hall to organize the first Shredmageddon Guitar Solo Contest in Muncie, Indiana! Our goal is to find the best guitar players in Muncie and bring them to the stage to share their talents with the music-loving public.


  1. All contestants must register @ Doc’s Music Hall and pay the $10 registration fee before April 13th in order to compete.
  2. Contestants must perform ORIGINAL COMPOSITIONS ONLY.
  3. Each contestant will be given a 5-minute time-frame in which to execute their solo. It’s up to the contestant as to how much of the five minutes they wish to utilize. Solos may be shorter than 5-minutes but no longer than 5-minutes.
  4. FX Pedals of all makes and models are allowed in this contest.
  5. Loop Machines are allowed under the condition that no pre-recorded loops will be used. All loops must be created within the 5-minute performance.
  6. No refunds will be issued for any reason other than the event being canceled by either the venue or the event organizer.



The contestants will be critiqued by a panel of five people. Four of the judges will be experienced guitarists with the fifth representing the non-guitar-playing populace. All contestants will be judged based upon the following criteria.

  1. Originality (20%)
  2. Creativity (20%)
  3. Technical Proficiency / Technique (30%)
  4. Stage Presence (10%)
  5. Versatility (20%)

Judges will be announced one week before the event.


  1. 1st Place: $100 + Plaque + 3 10-hour days of recording time at Reber Recording.
  2. 2nd Place: Plaque + 1 10-hour day of recording time at Reber Recording.
  3. 3rd Place: Plaque


Bonesetters T-Shirts!

Bonesetters T-Shirt

Bonesetters T-Shirts are $10!!!!

The Bonesetters just got in a fresh shipment of American Apparel T-Shirts and they would like to sell them to YOU! As you can see, they are pretty sweet looking. I can personally attest to their exceptional level of comfort. If you’re interested in purchasing one of these bright yellow beauties be sure to shoot me an e-mail or contact The Bonesetters via their Facebook FanPage or Myspace.