Mikey Mason: Update #1

Today concludes my first week working with national comedian, Mikey Mason. He’s a swell guy that sure knows a number of things about good beer. We kicked off our first session with a tasty brew by 21st Amendment Brewery called Monk’s Blood. As I expected, it was delicious. It was a step up from the usual beers that inhabit the studio refrigerator; which is currently stocked with Fat Tire and Somer Set. The upgrade was much appreciated.

I enjoy working with Mikey. He’s a swell guy. Down to Earth and easy to have a conversation with. This makes it easy to maintain the creative environment and stay focused whilst still working in much-needed breaks to refresh the mind and ears. Alright, enough banter… Here’s what we’ve accomplished so far.

We’ve broken ground on three songs and are making significant progress. As of this point in time we have completed all of the necessary tracking for “She Don’t Like Firefly” and “Alan Moore’s Beard.” In addition to those tracks we’ve completed the foundation tracks for the song titled “Kobolds Ate My Baby.”

Even at these early stages in recording and with only a touch of mixing these tracks are sounding awesome. Oh, and did I mention that they are funny? I mean, these are original compositions that embrace all things geek in an intelligent and comical manner.

At our current pace we are set to finish recording 1 song per day. Things are going to slow down slightly once my internship in Chicago starts but I still plan to finish this project as promptly as possible. I’ll keep you posted.


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