Quarantine Ramblings #01

I’ve been having one hell of a time keeping up with this blog. It’s a combination of being out of practice, thinking what I have to write about isn’t worthwhile, and basically not having fun doing it. I have a hard time writing in the moment because it doesn’t fit a mold or genre. So much of my life is centered around refining and cultivating things until they are polished. I like to make my mistakes behind closed doors. I think that’s why I have a hard time writing. I’m too worried to speak quickly and permanently when I know that everything is in a state of perpetual change and once you make your mark, it’s there for the world to see. The watching world is constantly changing; and us along with it. We outgrow those marks, and yet we are all judged by them as if they are permanent reflections of us at any given moment. The inability to forget is a major cause for anxiety and social paralysis. Okay, that’s enough with that thought. I’m sure I’ll revisit it later… After all, all thoughts are a work in progress.

Let’s move on to another thought…

I find it strange that life could potentially be a collective consciousness (call it God or Allah or what have you) and yet the pinnacle of life (as defined by humanity) is essentially creating a digital medium in which we can all bring us all back together into that collective consciousness (internet, social media, etc.). It’s like we miss all of our collective missing parts. We are striving to be one again; but it’s difficult. After all, if the point of the whole experiment that we call existence is to revel in those differences and have different experiences. If that’s the purpose of life… To redistribute energy, it wouldn’t make much sense for us to all be a single collective. Would it? I don’t know… These are just my thoughts at 12:38AM. I should probably get some sleep.

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