Ribs, Wings, and new/old Friends

It’s a small world and it continues to get smaller all of the time. As it turns out, two of the baristas (Hannah & Nick) that had initially trained Lauren and I (at what was once known as MBS) are now married and in a post-rock band. They had just so happened to be playing a show at Be Here Now and were looking for a place to crash after their show. They knew we were from the area and got in touch. We were happy to welcome the band into our home and catch up on all that has transpired since the years separating our last face-to-face encounter. Oh, and what sort of hosts would we be if we didn’t fire up the smoker and treat the whole band to some top notch BBQ!? So that’s just what we did. Being that there wasn’t a ton of time to prep, I opted for chicken wings and spare ribs. There’s nothing better than good food, music, friends, and conversation. We stayed up wayyyyyy too late catching up. I hadn’t been up until 4:30AM in a long time.

The wings were seasoned with a South African Piri Piri Pepper rub and the ribs were done in my traditional salt, black pepper, brown sugar, paprika, and chipotle rub. Both came out phenomenal as I’m pretty comfortable and confident with these cooks.