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Teaching and Grad School

Starting tomorrow I will begin teaching at Ball State University as a graduate teaching assistant. That’s a fancy way of saying that I will be working at BSU as a teacher in exchange for a tuition waiver towards getting my masters degree in Digital Storytelling. Now, if you’re like most people on the planet, you are scratching your head and wondering what the hell Digital Storytelling is. This is one of the most commonly asked questions I get when I talk about my major. In a nutshell, it deals with telling any sort of story by means of digital technology. Yep. Your mind is blown. I get it.

Seriously though… It’s more about utilizing and exploiting various types of new technologies to tell stories in new and inventive ways. We also look at the impact that these new technologies have on the stories that are being told.

Now I had never really intended to go to graduate school. To be honest, the thought hadn’t even crossed my mind until I had been contacted by one of my professors from my undergrad days stating that they were looking for people proficient in audio to help teach. Apparently they had an abundance of video instructors and not enough audio guys. I did a little bit of thinking and came to the conclusion that teaching could be a pretty sweet gig in terms of pay, benefits, and vacation time. Not to mention that it ties in directly with what I’ve already been doing for the better part of my existence on this planet.

The only downside is that I am going to have to cut back on my studio hours during the week and I’ll have to schedule the majority of my recording sessions on the weekends. Ah well, this is only temporary and the trade off is that I will be getting regular pay which is something that is not always customary with my line of studio work.