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First “Official” Day in Chicago

Today was my first OFFICIAL DAY in Chicago. The official status is necessary because it means it’s the first day that I actually woke up in Chicago. I consider waking up in a given are to be fare more intimate than simply arriving or passing through. Aw shucks… We done had a moment. Ain’t that cute. Alright, enough with the redneck banter. This isn’t a one night stand… However, I DID eat cold chinese food for breakfast.

So as I had mentioned before (in a previous post), some friends of mine, Erick Sherman (Everything, NOW!, Revel in The Morning, The Embraceables) and Richard Knapp (Everything, NOW! and The Embraceables), were kind enough to offer up their living room and couch for me to crash on for the duration of my internship at Electrical. So basically, they are both prime candidates for the rad dudes of the year award. Maybe I’ll get them matching purple muscle shirts to show my appreciation.

So here’s a glimpse of where I’ll be doing my living for the next couple of months. It’s a cozy little slice of Chicago that welcomes me with open arms and legs.


The art on the walls was painted by Lisa Berlin (Everthus the Deadbeats, Jookabox). The giant black eye-sore is my mobile studio that I brought so that I could document the music in my head.

Well, Richard and I are about to head over to the grocery so that I can get some essentials. You know… food and stuff.