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Homestyle Pour Overs


First thing’s first… This blog post is brought to you by the amazing cup of manually brewed coffee that I am currently consuming. It’s 4:30PM on a Sunday and this is the first cup of coffee that I’ve had today and it has completely lifted my spirits. It is truly the elixir of the gods. So I guess some of you might be wondering why I’m gushing over a cup of coffee.

One of the perks of owning a coffee shop is that my wife and I have a nearly unlimited access to amazing coffee and top-of-the-line brewing equipment while we’re at work. However, we are left to our own devices on Sundays because we close the shop so that our staff may enjoy time with friends, family, and loved ones. For the most part this is awesome because the majority of my time is spent at work. Really, it’s not as bad as it sounds. Spending the majority of your time at a coffee shop is pretty awesome. Anyway, let’s get back to the point of this blog post…

We’re stepping up our pour over coffee game on the home front! We recently added a bonavita variable temperature kettle and an acaia pearl scale to our kitchen. These two items, combined with my capresso burr grinder and bonmac pour over cone, have drastically improved our manual brew enjoyment! The only other thing missing from our manual brew setup is a decent hario container for batch brewing. This will be coming soon!



Tagalong Doppio


Tagalong Doppio

Tagalong Doppio

Spent some time this morning doing some experimenting at The Caffeinery. Jordan’s sweet mother had dropped off a couple boxes of girl scout cookies to share with his fellow baristas and I took it upon myself to get a little creative with a tagalong. It turned out to be a lot more awesome than I had anticipated. The espresso melted the chocolate and separated the peanut butter from the cookie base and created a very interesting double shot.

Dine and Dish: The Caffeinery

As I’ve mentioned before… My wife, Lauren, and I are going to be opening a coffee and tea house in Downtown Muncie, Indiana. Today there was a little blurb about our venture in the Dine & Dish section of the Sunday edition of The Star Press. Check it out!

Source: Restaurant Scene: New Muncie Coffee Shop to Focus on Just Coffee and Tea

Coffee Shop: Location Selected

coffeelocationIt’s been a while since Lauren and I have gone public with our plan to open a coffee and tea house in Downtown Muncie. We’ve received many questions regarding our venture and we’ve been frugal in terms of divulging information. The most commonly asked question is regarding when we will be opening our shop. Unfortunately, we’re still not in a position to provide an answer. We are being slow and methodical to ensure that we do things properly. We don’t want to rush forward and overlook certain details that may or may not become issues later. That being said, we have selected the location for our shop. The Caffeinery is going to be taking over the 401 S. Walnut space in the beautiful Murray Building. Our space is on the Southwest corner of Walnut and Charles.


Fancy Coffee Skills

Ever since I started interning at Electrical Audio, my coffee making abilities have improved ten-fold. That’s right, I be making all of the delectable and delicious gourmet shits for your caffeine-consumin-asses. This is my take on the Electrical Audio “Signature Coffee.” They call it the “Fluffy Coffee” but I’m not a big fan of the name. It’s far too twink. It should be called “Maple Flavored Diarrhea.” That’s far more accurate. Not because it taste like diarrhea, because you’ll drink it so fast that it gives you diarrhea. Don’t get it confused. It’s delicious.