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New Hardware, New Problems

Out of all the things that irritate me in this world, unexpected computer problems are in my top 5 list of annoyances. Today was supposed to be a productive day. I had a few graphic design projects that I was planning on knocking out on this rainy Thursday. Yeah, about that… It didn’t happen. The new RAM that I had purchased for my office computer was not compatible. Oh, and to further complicate things, my hard drive seems to have taken a piss. Oh well, that’s technology for you. When it works it’s great. When it takes a piss, it ruins what would have been a productive day.┬áLuckily for me, I was able to transfer all of my data to a backup drive. If it weren’t for my Ubuntu Live CD I would have been DOOOOOOOMED. I think I’m going to be upgrading to a solid state drive here soon. I’m hoping that it will prove to be more reliable. Seriously, my stack of dead hard drives is starting to get out of control.

I have been putting off necessary upgrades to my office computer for a while now. Looks like my neglect is finally starting to catch up to me. I can only frankenstein so many repairs before I inevitably have to start buying new components. I feel as if I’m installing Windows 7 for the billionth time since I purchased it. I am just thankful that I only rely on this machine to handle simple tasks and nothing important. It’s a good thing that clients don’t come in here…┬áMy office currently looks like some sort of robot surgery clinic. There are brackets, cables, and PCI/PCIe cards everywhere you look. I promise that when I first came in here it was tidy.