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Fancy Coffee Skills

Ever since I started interning at Electrical Audio, my coffee making abilities have improved ten-fold. That’s right, I be making all of the delectable and delicious gourmet shits for your caffeine-consumin-asses. This is my take on the Electrical Audio “Signature Coffee.” They call it the “Fluffy Coffee” but I’m not a big fan of the name. It’s far too twink. It should be called “Maple Flavored Diarrhea.” That’s far more accurate. Not because it taste like diarrhea, because you’ll drink it so fast that it gives you diarrhea. Don’t get it confused. It’s delicious.

Muncie Madness

I’m back in Muncie after a two-week stint in Chicago. Here’s a brief breakdown of the reasons I have returned…

  1. My grandfather has been admitted to the hospital due to complications with his health.
  2. I miss my family (Family, Fiance, Cats and Friends)
  3. I have a 4 day recording session with Mikey Mason to track songs for his Impotent Nerd Rage album.
  4. Oh, and last but not least… Over the past couple of weeks my car has become increasingly unreliable. Being that one of my biggest fears deals with my car breaking down in the midst of Chicago traffic, I took it to Honda so that they could do a thorough inspection and figure out what’s causing it to act so sketchy. In the meantime, Honda has given me a sweet 2007 Honda Civic to abuse. I’m now on a mission to see how many miles I can put on this rental before I have to cough it up.

So there you have it ladies and gentlemen… You are up to date. I’m not going to bore you with all of the details of my internship at the fancy shmancy Electrical Audio… If you want to know about that stuff you will have to check out FrankReber.com because this site is strictly business, people.

Margot @ Electrial Audio

Here are a few pictures that I took of the studio during the Margot & The Nuclear So & So’s recording session during their second day at Electrical Audio. It’s nothing fancy and the pictures are kind of sub-par because they were taken with my phone… But they provide a brief glimpse of the various microphones and placements being used.






Born Again Menu Book

The guys at Electrical have gone out of their way to create this neatly organized binder of menus to local eateries for all of their clients to browse through. After months and months of use it had become discombobulated and unorganized and downright unusable. Cue the intern! One of my jobs for today was to organize the menu books (there’s one in studio A and another in studio B) so that they would once again live up to their full potential. I can now say that they have the most pimped out menu books on the block. I know this, because bums don’t have menu books.

EA’s Hidden Treasures #01

I found this in a trash can in one of the dorms. Apparently this is what musicians are into these days. What’s next… fleur de sel? Nah, I’m just kidding. Alas, this is not the trash of a new-wave drug enthusiast looking for cheap and legal highs. No, this is the mark of a serious gourmet foodie. Someone who demands flavor. My hat is off to this gourmet gypsy.