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MFT#009: The Bonesetters

(Dan Snodgrass, Sam Shafer, Ryan Rader, Cody Davis)

Listen to MFT#009 w/ The Bonesetters while you read!!!

This week I am bringing you a live performance by The Bonesetters. They originally formed the band in Muncie, Indiana but have since moved to the fountain square area of Indianapolis and have been making a name for themselves ever since. You can read a review of one of their performances at NUVO to get an idea as to how well they are being received by the Indianapolis music community.

These guys bring a blend of rock, pop, and folk elements to the metaphorical table. While their older material consisted of larger and more rockin’ material, I feel that they are starting to head into an area that is slightly more tame and tasteful while still maintaining their rock roots. The Bonesetters performed three new songs for MFT#009 and although they are still rock songs, they are also a bit more stripped down than their cadre of musicians all performing seemingly simple parts that all came together to form a complex arrangement. Now it seems as if they are doing more with less. Although there are only four musicians, each part is becoming more complex and tasteful. They are maturing together as a band and it is showing in their music. I am looking forward to hearing new musical creations by this band in the future. Currently, the band is looking to put together a tour for July and are looking to begin recording a new full-length in the near future.

Last but not least, we are bringing video back. Lauren and I have purchased a new camera (Canon 5D Mark 2) so that we can try to capture these sessions with proper video quality. The Bonesetters were our first guinea pigs in terms of testing things out for the first time. Now that we’re able to handle video properly, it will become a much larger aspect of sessions to come! However, in the meantime, enjoy this scatter-brained video that we threw together with the test clips we had taken.

Oh, and last but not least… Don’t forget to check out The Bonesetters on the internet.

  • http://bonesetters.bandcamp.com
  • http://facebook.com/the.bonesetters
  • http://twitter.com/the_bonesetters

The Bears of Blue River @ VGR

The Bears of Blue River @ VGR 03.24.2010

The Bears of Blue River @ VGR 03.24.2010

Fresh off of the ol’ hard drive I’ve finished mixing and uploading a live set by The Bears of Blue River from 03.24.2010 @ Village Green Records in Muncie, Indiana.

Although the band has its roots in Muncie, they are currently making a name for themselves in Chicago, IL.

Anyway, enough with the time wasting… You can download the entire 12-song set by clicking here.


As you may or may not have heard… Arrah and the Ferns are reuniting to play a few shows throughout the midwest. This news comes after the group disbanded over a year ago. I spoke to the head of this folk-pop trio and asked if they’d be interested in coming into the studio to record a few live takes of their songs while they were in town. Arrah was quick to reply and said that she was interested but would like to record her project “Woodlands” rather than “Arrah & the Ferns” due to legal issues involving their old deals with Standard Recording Company in Indianapolis. Either way, “Woodlands” is 2/3 of the original “Arrah & the Ferns” line-up.

We met up today at 10AM and started setting up microphones and setting levels. A few hours, and a bag of buffalo ranch doritos, later they were packing up their instruments and driving to South Bend, Indiana to begin their tour. Over the next couple of days I’ll be mixing down the songs that we recorded in the hopes of having them finished by Wednesday.

I’m hoping to post mp3s of the master versions by the end of the week.