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Gatlinburg 2011

Gatlinburg Vacation 2011

My fiance and I decided that we needed to get away for the weekend so we took a trip down to one of our favorite vacation spots… Gatlinburg, Tennessee. It’s such an ideal place to relax. It’s tucked away in the smoky mountains and is such a quiet and relaxing place. Anyway, sometimes it’s just good to get away and mix things up from time to time. This is our second trip to Gatlinburg as a couple. We love this place. This particular trip was a bit different because we were meeting up with my Uncle Terry and his son, Braydon. They had booked a room at the River Lodge for the week and invited us to come down and share the room. Of course, we couldn’t refuse. I mean, we love it there!

Riverhouse Motorlodge

While we were in Gatlinburg, we did a little bit of everything. We shopped, hiked, saw some of the sights, visited one of the largest knife shops in the US, ate some food, bought some moonshine, and did some good old fashioned hanging out. We had a great time. It was a much needed reprieve from our busy work schedules. Being that we’re both free-lance, we spend a lot of our free time working. It takes a lot out of us.

By the way, these amazing pictures were taken by my beautiful fiance, Lauren. You can check out more of her work by visiting her blog!