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Kickstarter Campaign for When, Not If

The good boys in When, Not If have started a kickstarter campaign to raise the necessary funds to record a full-length album here at Reber Recording! With your help, this will be the third album that I have had the pleasure of recording thanks to kickstarter funding. Take a quick moment to MFT#001 featuring When, Not If to check out what some of the new songs sound like when performed live. Now… Imagine how much more awesome they will sound when we get to take our sweet time going over all the details!

Stomping Ground Session

Stomping Ground Session

Makeshift Remote Recording Setup

Over the weekend I recorded a band (comprised of good friends of mine) by the name of “Stomping Ground” in a vacant apartment in downtown Muncie. Beer, space heaters, microphones, and tube amps. This was the first time that these guys have played together in five years. I took it upon myself to record the reunion and capture the excitement of playing again. Since the intended audience for these recordings was going to be the band members I decided to be liberal with recording times and made sure to capture as much conversation between takes as possible. I got over 3 hours worth of audio. Everyone had a great time. It will be exciting to go back through all of the audio.