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Afternoon at Navy Pier

Lauren and I made a trip up to Chicago this week to retrieve the few things that I left behind during my brief stay in Chicago for my internship at Electrical Audio. Just a few little things… Headphones, portable recording rig, and a few books. We were only planning on staying in Chicago for 2 days so we were determined to make the most of it. Despite not having an itinerary, we managed to have a good time.o Navy Pier and put on our tourist hats. As we were getting ready to leave Chicago, Lauren decided that she wanted to see the lake and we made a last-minute decision to drive t

Navy Pier

The transformation into tourist-mode is quite easy. You just walk around aimlessly and take pictures of things. Oh, and you have to spend money on things that you normally would not. For instance, you have to buy Italian Ice. It is imperative that you do this.

Italian Ice

While munching on Italian Ice, we booked a boat tour of the Chicago skyline so that we could acquire even more tourist-points. Just so you know, tourist-points are similar to punk-rock-points only they aren’t punk-rock. The boat ride was pretty awesome. The lake breeze was a nice reprieve from the heat and humidity.

Boat Tour

Oh, did I mention we saw a light house? Because we did.

Light House

After the boat ride, we walked to the end of the pier and saw the ferris wheel. I hate heights but ended up conquering my fear so that Lauren could have a good time. It wasn’t so bad. The view was pretty good. I got a little nervous when the radio in our gondola started to short out.

Ferris Wheel

After we exited the ferris wheel, we walked directly towards a snack booth so that we could consume corn-on-the-cob-on-a-stick. It was delicious. Look at Lauren chomp into this corn!

So yeah, that concludes our little trip to Navy Pier.