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Doritos Hack #2: Nacho Cheese Popcorn

My original doritos hack/mod became an instant internet sensation that inspired me to create a blog dedicated to my future junkfood hacks. My blog is currently located at the following internet address: http://snackhacker.tumblr.com.

This is my second snack hack featuring Doritos. This time I have opted to use Nacho Cheese rather than Cool Ranch (although any flavor could potentially be used for this particular application). As you can see in the picture, I have crushed up the Nacho Cheese Doritos into a fine powder and then added the dust to a bag of popcorn. Once added, shake the bag of popcorn violently until all of the kernels are covered with the dust. Pour into a bowl and enjoy.

It is important to note that this idea had occurred to me when I was nearing the end of the bag. You know, when there are few chips left to grab and you would normally resort to pouring the remnants into your mouth? Instead of doing that… Just crush up the remnants even finer than they already are, pop a bag of microwave popcorn, and pour the bag of popcorn into the chip bag. Shake and enjoy!

Chorizo and Kale fork soup

Chorizo and Kale fork soup

I know, I know… There aren’t a whole lot of people out there that get excited about kale. I get it. I understand. However, I feel like the delicious potential of this leafy green is often overlooked due to it’s tendency to cause horrendous gas and/or mulch-like diarrhea.

I must that that I, myself,  was worried as to whether or not these two ingredients would play well together. But despite the odds, they actually complimented each other rather nicely and resulted in a delicious and semi-nutritious dish. I bet it would have been even better had the chorizo actually been decent and not just some imitation sausage covered in chili powder and sold as chorizo.

That’s all you get. I’m not much for typing up recipes being that I hardly ever follow them.

Hamburger Meatloaf Hybrid

My Fiance, Lauren, loves hamburgers but is not a big fan of eating the buns so I created hamburger meatloaf hybrid that could be consumed without any buns. I even went so far as to utilize a pie pan to raise the meat and allow the grease to run off while it cooked in the oven. It turned out perfectly. Delicious in all ways. The texture was divine.