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As you may or may not have heard… Arrah and the Ferns are reuniting to play a few shows throughout the midwest. This news comes after the group disbanded over a year ago. I spoke to the head of this folk-pop trio and asked if they’d be interested in coming into the studio to record a few live takes of their songs while they were in town. Arrah was quick to reply and said that she was interested but would like to record her project “Woodlands” rather than “Arrah & the Ferns” due to legal issues involving their old deals with Standard Recording Company in Indianapolis. Either way, “Woodlands” is 2/3 of the original “Arrah & the Ferns” line-up.

We met up today at 10AM and started setting up microphones and setting levels. A few hours, and a bag of buffalo ranch doritos, later they were packing up their instruments and driving to South Bend, Indiana to begin their tour. Over the next couple of days I’ll be mixing down the songs that we recorded in the hopes of having them finished by Wednesday.

I’m hoping to post mp3s of the master versions by the end of the week.