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Ball State Recording with Apsara

David Letterman Studios @ Ball State University

David Letterman Studios @ Ball State University

One of the advantages that comes with attending Ball State University is the fact that I get to take advantage of the studio facilities of the David Letterman Building’s studios. This last semester I worked with a team composed of five individuals (myself included) to record a 5-song demo for a band of our choosing. The band we chose was “Apsara” with whom I’ve had the pleasure of working with beforehand.

Each of the team members was responsible for one of the five tracks to be recorded. I was assigned a song titled “Boredom Breeds Chaos” which also happens to be the title of the Demo EP. I spent my sweet-ass time crafting my assigned song to the liking of Apsara in addition to the standards set by professor Stan Sollars.

The file below is my final 44.1 – 24 bit Pro Tools bounce in WAV format.