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Joel Green Testimonial

Joel Green was kind enough to write a detailed review/testimonial of his recording experience at Reber Recording. I assure you that these are his own words and there were no guns being held to any heads! I literally copied the review, verbatim, from the Reber Recording facebook page. Here it is in its entirety.


working with frank at reber recording was one of the coolest experiences of my life. i began recording “So Far From Home” at the gallows with bryan nelson, but when his band (the ataris) had to hit the road for a tour, we had to figure out how we were gonna go about finishing it up. jeff (hillman, of mossback records) mentioned he had met frank, and “the guy seems like he knows what he’s talking about.” so, i called him up, we booked a sesh, and got to it. initially, i was just gonna need a couple of days to finish up things. those couple of days turned into a few weeks, as we began layering music on top of music. the record went from the skeleton of guitar/ bass/ drums/ and vocals that it was, to the full figured lady that it is now. shit. i can’t wait for y’all to hear it. we spent a ton of time getting the perfect guitar tones. redoing vocals that i thought were just fine, but frank knew could be better. we added mega-fat rhythm guitar tracks. i had had this idea that i wanted a female vocal on a few of my songs. when the girl that i had lined up bailed on me, frank called up arrah fisher (arrah and the ferns), and she came in and knocked it out of the park. this guy is an idea-man to the core. extremely resourceful, and with all the technical knowledge and ability to back up any professional recording need you’d ever… well… need.

his studio is no frills. it’s in a basement in a house in some suburb. no xbox or wii to occupy (or waste) your time. just a bunch of records, amps, and mics. it’s awesome. he does have every episode of “trailer park boys” on his computer, so when you need a break, you’re all set. all sorts of good food is nearby. you’ve got your standards: taco bell, bk, mcdonald’s, and whatnot, but a little further out is some of the best thai food you’ll ever have, and there’s a la bamba burrito joint right down the road. plus, frank keeps a good stock of some totally tasty snacks.


This is the first testimonial that I’ve received for my work as a recording engineer and so I’ve had to create a new category in the “news” section of the RR website. The new category shall be labeled “Testimonials.” So if you’re interested in reading what people have to say about my services, feel free to read and re-read Joel’s kind words because they are currently the only testimonial words on file.

Once again… A special thanks to Joel Green for being such a swell guy. Your kind words made me blush.