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Saababanks @ VGR

SAABABANKS @ VGR 07.02.2010

SAABABANKS @ VGR 07.02.2010

I was privileged enough to have the opportunity to record a live performance by a band named Saababanks at Village Green Records on 07/02/2010. Their myspace page brands them as a “INDIE/METAL/ROCK 3-PIECE FROM CENTRAL INDIANA.”

As always, I recorded and mixed the show so that I could upload it for everyone to hear. It was a great show that I am glad that I am able to make it available to a larger audience. Click on the link to download below.


Works Cited @ VGR

Works Cited @ VGR 03.24.2010

Works Cited @ VGR 03.24.2010

I recorded a live in-store performance of Works Cited at Village Green Records on 03.24.2010. They are an acoustic duo from Indianapolis, Indiana.

Their set-list consisted of the following songs…
1. the benefactor
2. the stalker
3. when this vessel rides
4. song for kim jong-il to sing
5. darling did you dose me
6. old man’s face

You can download the entire performance from my personal mediafire account by clicking here.

Be sure to thank Jon Rogers for his consent and cooperation in allowing me to post these tracks.

Scales @ VGR

Scales - Live @ Village Green Records 04.01.2010

Scales - Live @ Village Green Records 04.01.2010

Just finished mixing another one of the bands from the 04.01.2010 show @ Village Green Records. This band goes by the name of “Scales” and hail from Muncie, Indiana. They are a bunch of young guys playing indie/pop and are trying to make a name for themselves.

The set list is as follows:

01. Glass Bones
02. Truth
03. Breath
04. Always Forward
05. Time Keeper

You can download the entire set from my personal mediafire account here.

Laura Stevenson & the Cans

Laura Stevenson & the Cans @ Village Green Records

Photo by Lauren Bultman

I’ve just finished mixing down a marvelous set by “Laura Stevenson & the Cans” from New York. I uploaded the tracks to MFT on Monday and they’ve already received over 1,400+ plays! Good stuff. Go check it out and don’t be afraid to leave comments!

Their set consisted for the following songs (written by Laura herself).

Laura Stevenson & the Cans Set List @ VGR

Laura's Set List Scribbles

If you are interested in downloading the Laura Stevenson & the Cans session in the form of 320kbps MP3 files then click here.