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Wedding in Zionsville

Today I followed around my beautiful wife as she photographed a wedding in Zionsville, Indiana. I’m not typically her assistant but being that the bride was a long-time friend of Lauren’s, my presence was requested so that I could meet the family. Although Lauren was capturing the entire event with the proper camera equipment, I did manage to snap a few amateur pictures using my iPhone. I like taking pictures of Lauren as she’s working. Photographers don’t often have pictures of themselves taking pictures.

The following is a picture of Lauren showing the bride’s niece, Harper, how her camera works. Harper had a minor obsession with the picture-taking process.

I’m one of the worst photographer’s assistants of all time. As soon as the bar opened I grabbed a beer and started relaxing. It was a PBR kind of wedding so I felt right at home. We had a great time with a great family.

Trip to Sweet Seductions

Lauren and I just met with our cake decorator over at Sweet Seductions and we couldn’t be more pleased. The cupcakes above are just a few cake samples that she sent home with us. Of course, they didn’t make it home… Are you kidding me?!? We tried each flavor within minutes of being in the car. Now, on a more serious note… These cupcakes have set the bar for the best that I’ve had.