Wedding in Zionsville

Today I followed around my beautiful wife as she photographed a wedding in Zionsville, Indiana. I’m not typically her assistant but being that the bride was a long-time friend of Lauren’s, my presence was requested so that I could meet the family. Although Lauren was capturing the entire event with the proper camera equipment, I did manage to snap a few amateur pictures using my iPhone. I like taking pictures of Lauren as she’s working. Photographers don’t often have pictures of themselves taking pictures.

The following is a picture of Lauren showing the bride’s niece, Harper, how her camera works. Harper had a minor obsession with the picture-taking process.

I’m one of the worst photographer’s assistants of all time. As soon as the bar opened I grabbed a beer and started relaxing. It was a PBR kind of wedding so I felt right at home. We had a great time with a great family.