While I would never consider myself to be a musician in the classical sense, I have managed to write and record quite a bit of music throughout my lifetime. For better or worse (mostly worse), I taught myself how to play bass through a grueling process of trial and error. Over the years, I have had the opportunity to jam with so many great musicians and I grew to love everything about music creation. My archive ranges from fully finished “songs” to fragmented ideas, to improv sessions with various guests. As far as I’m concerned, it’s all valid. Not everything has to be perfect and polished. In fact, I find jam sessions to be some of the most informative forms of music. You learn a lot when all of the musicians are putting everything out on the table. You are able to hear people learn from mistakes and turn weaknesses into strengths all within a single session. Anyway, that’s enough rambling about the topic for now… Feel free to give a listen.

My personal archive can be found at http://frankreber.bandcamp.com
If you’re SoundCloud savvy, you can find me at http://soundcloud.com/dustcoveredcassettes





I’ve spent a good portion of my life capturing sounds in various forms so that they may be remembered and enjoyed by others. Below you will find examples these sounds. You can also check out my recordings on Musical Family Tree.