Coffee Shop Endeavor

I have a small announcement… This will be news to some. Others, not so much.

My wife, Lauren Reber, and I are planning on opening a coffee shop in downtown Muncie. We have lived in Muncie, Indiana our entire lives and have spent many years living Downtown Muncie. We understand the positive impact that a local coffee shop can have on a community. We already have a number of amazing businesses aimed at keeping us fed, entertained, and feeling good. However, without a coffee shop, we have nothing to help us start the day. Lauren and I have always aspired to work together in a way that marries both of our professions (photography and recording). It turns out that our common ground was in coffee (pun intended). Lauren spends a lot of time meeting with clients in coffee shops. I spend a lot of time making and imbibing coffee with musicians. There’s a need for this downtown and we believe that we have the means to make it happen. It just makes sense for us. Our tentative plan is to be open this coming fall. More details in the coming months. We still have a lot to do.