New News and More Sounds

07.02.2010 @ Village Green Records

07.02.2010 @ Village Green Records

I’ve been keeping myself incredibly busy lately and I really should be making a better effort to update this website more frequently. Alas, since I have been putting off the updates, I’m going to be bombarding all of you readers with a plethora of blog posts. HA! When it rains it pours, right? Anyway, like I said… Things have been HECTIC! You’ll be reading all about it in a future post so be sure to check back often as I will be updating a lot in the next couple of days.

Alright, enough with the boring stuff. Let’s move on to the good news for you internet people. I’m going to be posting new music for you to download!

I spent yesterday evening recording three live performances at Village Green Records in Muncie, Indiana. The performing bands consisted of Saabaa Banks, CaddyWhompus, and Osteoferocious. It was a stellar show and I am looking forward to mixing everything down and putting it on the website for everyone to hear. The picture up top is the make-shift recording rig that I have been using to document all of the VGR performances. It doesn’t look like much but it’s better than nothing. Hell, without it, I wouldn’t be able to share any of these performances.

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