New Pedal for the Collection

Akai Deep Impact SB1This pedal has been on my list of “must-have-pedals” from the moment I first heard demos of it via youtube videos. Alas, I have never been able to purchase one on eBay because they are either selling for $$$$$$$$$$ or the auctions are over within minutes of starting. These are incredibly rare synth pedals; highly sought after by bassists. Ah well, my search is over. At long last, I now possess an Akai Deep Impact SB1. It is magnificent. This is good news for a number of reasons. The first of which being, I now own this pedal and can use it whenever I want!!!!! Secondly, it’s become assimilated into my recording studio and will be made available to the musicians recording with me!

So yeah, fuck all of this noise. I’m going to get back to turning knobs.