New Whip

The new studio whip.

So I decided to sell my old car and buy a new one. Something that was more suitable to my current and future needs. I can tell you that there are very few things on this Earth that make becoming a responsible adult more apparent than purchasing a car. I looked at dozens of cars and held them up to the scrutiny of my preference list which included everything from cup-holder size to baby car-seat compatibility. Yes, I do eventually plan on having a little minion with my soon-to-be wife… and I intend on this car lasting FOREVER.

So I opted for the Scion XB which was weird because up until this point I have only owned Honda vehicles. I am quite fond of Honda but they just weren’t delivering the type of quality I wanted at a price that I could justify. Don’t get me wrong, I love Honda’s. It just wasn’t in my budget to get one. That being said, the Scion XB was perfect for my particular needs. The local dealership made the process as painless as could be. I hope you all dig the color as much as I do. I had to special order it for my area.