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GearFest 2013

GearFest 2013 was pretty much as dope as I expected it to be. Lots of great gear being sold at ridiculously low prices. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to go with my wife this year because she was out of town photographing a wedding. Instead, I was joined a few friends and fellow audio engineers. Basically, a total sausage fest on wheels driving an hour out of way to experience a mega sale.

I picked up this sweet new KRK subwoofer to help flesh out my monitoring situation in the studio. This is a much needed upgrade because lately I’ve been mixing a decent amount of hip hop and rap music. I’m perfectly confident with my ability to mix on my Dynaudio BM5A monitors, but I’m excited about the added control that this subwoofer will give me.


Oh, and for anyone who has ever been to GearFest knows… SM57 and SM58 microphones were being sold at RIDICULOUSLY LOW PRICES! Seriously. $57 and $58 the respective microphones. I ended up getting one of each which is funny because I didn’t really need either of them, I just can’t resist a good deal. Anyway, enough with all this nonsense, I have this subwoofer hooked up and it’s time to break it in.

Valentines Day 2013

My wife woke up early and surprised me with this awesome V-Day breakfast. Heart-shaped pancakes and all! She really outdid herself. Oh, and for those of you that don’t know… that juice is a special creation of ours. It’s orange juice mixed with cranberry juice. ┬áIt’s absolutely amazing.

Anyway, I’m not one to be outdone. She will be surprised with flowers and candy and later we will partake in our tradition of eating pizza and watching movies in the comfort of our own home rather than battling all of the newly formed awkward couples competing for booths at local eateries. Besides, our place is pants-optional.