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Turning 30: A Reflection

Time is a relentless and merciless asshole that gives not a single shit about anything other than marching forward. That being said, I turned thirty a few days ago so perhaps that’s why I’m thinking about time. I’ve been on this earth for roughly 10,950 days and so much has changed in that time… Some for the better and others not so much. I’ve been fortunate to have been born into such a caring and able family. This has allowed me to do many things that would have otherwise proven to be far more difficult. It’s one of the primary reasons I try to be as generous as I have been. I always try to do things for people without ever expecting anything in return. I feel that the expectation of something in return taints the initial gesture. That’s not to say that I haven’t been bummed when I ask someone I’ve helped to lend me a hand on a project and they decline. Sometimes that’s just how it goes.

I’ve lost far more friends and relatives than I expected to at this point in my life but I guess that’s all part of the journey. People get older. People make bad decisions. People get sick. Shit happens. You just have to keep living and learning. I’m always trying to learn new things and push myself to try new things. Maybe this is why I don’t feel like I’m 30. I hope this feeling persists throughout my life. It also helps to have great friends. I have had the pleasure of meeting some of the most amazing people. I also hope that this trend continues. Amazing people doing amazing things.

I’ve somehow managed to marry a beautiful and caring woman who deals with my ambitions and never-ending list of projects. She is awesome. She keeps me grounded a lot of the time and is one of the reasons I’ve been so successful in my ventures. Before we met I was just as ambitious but I would often act prematurely before an idea had matured to the point that it was feasible and achievable. Nowadays I allow my ideas to marinate for long periods of time and only proceed when they are thoroughly developed… this has resulted in a much higher success rate.

So yeah, I’m a few days past 30 now and don’t feel like it. That’s good, right?