Twenty under 40

Cover Page First of all, I’m both surprised and honored to have been selected as one of Muncie Magazine’s 2016 Twenty Under 40 list. By the looks of things, I’m in good company. I’m proud to be associated with such hardworking members of the Muncie community. That being said, I am but a small piece of a much bigger picture. A single person can only accomplish so much. I make it a point to surround myself with amazing people (the most amazing being my beautiful wife, Lauren). It’s the company I keep thatĀ make it possible for me to accomplish anything at all. After all, an idea is nothing more than a thought. It takes people to transform an idea into something tangible that we can all enjoy. The Caffeinery gets its fair share of positiveĀ attention and I think it’s well deserved, but not just for me. It should be directed towards everyone that’s contributed to the tireless effort of delivering the best possible experience on a daily basis. It’s a difficult and exhausting job to deliver 110% at all times, but our staff makes it look easy. We wouldn’t be anything without that sort of dedication. Thank you all for this honor. I accept it on behalf of everyone that has helped Lauren and I in any form or capacity. You are all wonderful people.
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