First Day @ Electrical Audio

I got pulled over on my way to EA this morning. Apparently it’s illegal to turn right on red in this state. According to the police officer that pulled me over, it’s illegal to turn right on red in every city, in every state. It’s obvious that he’s never driven in Indiana, where you can turn right on red in front of police all day and still get no pull-over action. Just to be safe I bit my tongue and avoided arguing with the officer. Although he refrained from giving me a ticket, he informed me that the red lights are equipped with cameras and that I’ll more than likely receive a ticket in the mail in the coming weeks. Great. Thanks for the break, officer!

Despite the eventful drive, my first day was pretty uneventful. The summer months at Electrical Audio are just as dead as they are back at Reber Recording. There aren’t many people wanting to record albums in the warm months. Most bands prefer to tour while the weather is on their side and record when it’s cold and blizzard-like. Can you blame them?

So even though there were no active sessions on the books, I did my best to stay busy tidying up the place. All of the interns are issued a written list of chores that we’re responsible for. You know, intern shit… cleaning, emptying trash cans, making coffee, and the like. I did the dishes and did my best to rid one of the dorms of cat piss stench. Exciting, right!?

Here’s a glimpse at the innards of the EA fridge. I have a habit of checking out refrigerators and EA was no exception. So here it is for all of your viewing pleasure!

For lunch we got carry-out from Hot Doug’s; which has been featured on the tv show, Diners, Drive-ins and Dives on Food Network. It was delicious. Muncie-folk claiming that Carter’s World Famous Hotdogs are actually “world famous,” should probably get out more. These delectable wieners were delicious.