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New Studio Desk Installed

Main Mixing Desk

Mixing Console

The new Argosy desk has been assembled and installed. It’s made working in the studio a much more enjoyable experience. However, the assembly was pretty intense. I doubt I’ll ever assemble another piece of furniture as elaborate as this console desk… but damn does it look awesome.

Studio Desk Upgrade

I spent the majority of today transporting and assembling my new Argosy 70-DM4800-R Console Desk which will be replacing the old wooden Ponderosa table that I’ve been using up until this point. The desk came in 13 separate boxes! Putting it all together was quite a task. To this day, this is the most elaborate piece of furniture that I’ve ever pieced together.

Although the old Ponderosa table has served me well over the years, I’m glad to see it go. Despite it’s sturdy and rugged nature, it just doesn’t look professional. That, and it was a tad on the small side. It’s going to be awesome to work on such a large console desk.