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Dorito Dust on Fox News Magazine

My dorito-dust creation has resurfaced on the internet yet again! This time it has been picked up by Fox News Magazine! Apparently the Cool Ranch Locos Taco shortage has led to renewed interest into Cool Ranch Doritos and their culinary … Continue reading

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Doritos Hack #2: Nacho Cheese Popcorn

My original doritos hack/mod became an instant internet sensation that inspired me to create a blog dedicated to my future junkfood hacks. My blog is currently located at the following internet address: http://snackhacker.tumblr.com. This is my second snack hack featuring … Continue reading

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Dorito Dust

Last night I was at a pub (Savage’s Ale House to be exact) with some friends and we were talking about our various junk food vices. Doritos had taken the spotlight in our conversation being that they happened to be … Continue reading

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