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New Cameras!


I picked up a few GoPro HD HERO cameras to keep around the studio. Although their primary use will deal with providing interesting camera angles a new web series I am working on called 4-Wheels/16-tracks. I am hoping to use these to get some in-the-studio videos of different recording sessions so that I can edit them with the recorded music and then post them on the internet in some form or another. I am aware that these cameras were designed to be used in extreme environments but I will probably just use them to get shots I can’t get with other cameras.

I am planning to test them out for the first time this Friday with When, Not If at Doc’s Music Hall. It will be interesting to see how these cameras perform in a low light environment.

Stomping Ground Session


Over the weekend I recorded a band (comprised of good friends of mine) by the name of “Stomping Ground” in a vacant apartment in downtown Muncie. Beer, space heaters, microphones, and tube amps. This was the first time that these guys have played together in five years. I took it upon myself to record the reunion and capture the excitement of playing again. Since the intended audience for these recordings was going to be the band members I decided to be liberal with recording times and made sure to capture as much conversation between takes as possible. I got over 3 hours worth of audio. Everyone had a great time. It will be exciting to go back through all of the audio.