What’s the point of a .com

What’s the point of even having a dot com anymore? Sometimes I feel like I’m holding on to my personal site and my studio site because I’m too unsure to delete them. That, or I feel obligated to keep them around as if I owe them something for being part of my life for a significant enough amount of time. Who knows… I could easily accomplish all of the same functions that these dot coms make via other social portals (tumblr, twitter, soundcloud, and etc). So why not make the jump? Well, that’s the big question. I feel like each time I approach this situation I have an internal pros vs cons debate that ends in a tie. By the end of it all I just get frustrated with it and go about living my life. So long as my website doesn’t become an outdated relic like the old Space Jam website. That, or for whatever reason, the price of the domain and hosting become a financial annoyance. One of those would surely tip this venture into the ol’ void of obsolete.