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BSU: Video Interview

Here’s a couple of goofy short videos of Lauren and I doing our thing at The Caffeinery.

Caffeinery Owners Create Ideal Space from Sara Dreibelbis on Vimeo.

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YouTube introduction

I finish my first year of teaching a college-level introductory audio course at the end of this month and now I have this strange urge to add some educational type videos to my studio’s youtube page. Here’s to hoping I don’t come off looking/sounding like a doofus.

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Video: Mikey Mason – My Next Girlfriend

Mikey Mason’s music video for his new single “My Next Girlfriend” has been uploaded to youtube. A number of scenes for this video were shot at my recording studio. Check it out.

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Village Green Records Short

I created a short film for to advocate the ideals and philosophy behind Village Green Records. This is the first film I’ve created using Adobe Premiere CS4 but I’m fairly pleased with the end result for it being a first attempt.

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