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DIY Ribbon Microphone

Here’s the latest addition to my microphone collection. A sweet sounding ribbon microphone that I assembled with my own hands. I’ve been wanting to build my own microphones for a while now but was always putting it off because I didn’t know where to start. However, this semester I was given the opportunity to “learn a new skill” of my choosing. Being that I’ve never built a ribbon microphone, I wanted to take on a project that walked me through the process. I ordered this particular kit from this website. I learned a lot from this experience and now I have a better understanding of the entire process. I have already compiled a list of improvements that I hope to implement in my own version. I will be developing my own ribbon microphones in the very near future.

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DIY Ribbon Microphone


In my TCOM 631 production class we were given the option to either complete a series of software tutorials or learn a new skill. Being that I’ve been on a bit of a DIY electronics kick as of late I wanted to try my hand at  making a ribbon microphone. I’ve never built a ribbon mic before so I decided to start with a DIY kit in order to eliminate unnecessary complicatons.  I ordered my DIY ribbon microphone kit from DIYRIBBONMIC.COM and it arrived today. I plan on assembling this bad boy in the next couple of days.

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